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At PoshNosh, simple but elegant is always in style. We’re not too big into fads. Just delicious, gourmet food that you didn’t have to cook and libations that you didn’t have to mix! We believe presentation is just as important as flavor so your food will look and taste amazing. We’re happy to accommodate any dietary needs and we understand that unforeseen challenges are inevitable. We don’t scare easily, just ask our couple who didn’t know SparkCon was the same week as their wedding! Whether you are catering a big event or just want some prepared meals to go, we enjoy keeping Raleigh fed.

Meet the Chefs

We are Coleen Speaks, executive chef and owner, and Zach Fisher, head chef. We love to stir things up in the kitchen using fresh, local ingredients! We are madly in love with our community and life wouldn’t be complete if we couldn’t give back to it. Each member of our team brings a specific blend of experience and inspiration to create a posh catering company that is greater than the sum of its parts. You can learn more about our award-winning kitchen staff here but we feel our story is more powerfully told through the eyes and taste buds of our customers.

Coleen Speaks

Owner | Executive Chef | Visionary

Coleen has spent more than 30 years in food. With her deep roots in the Triangle area, she has catered more weddings, social events, and holidays than she can count!. She oversees PoshNosh Catering, Hummingbird, a restaurant and craft cocktail bar, and Whitaker & Atlantic, a beautiful event space with a unique vision and mission. Originally setting out to be an accountant, she took a right turn and landed here.

Zach Fisher


After spending time learning in the Wake Tech Culinary program and 14+ years cooking in restaurants, gastro pubs, a major hotel and his mom’s kitchen at eight years old, Zach has found his calling. If you like brittles and chocolates, he is especially your guy! “The most rewarding part of my job is being able to create something that other people enjoy,” Zach said. As a winner in a national cheeseburger contest, we’ll take his word for it.

Local Charities

We believe strongly in giving back to our local community as it’s a community we’re madly in love with and deeply rooted in! Each year we donate not only our food but our service to local humanitarian organizations and charitable causes such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Kidznotes, and Step-Up Ministries. For a full list and to be considered for donations, please see below.

Organizations We Have Donated To Recently Include

Aldert Root Elementary School

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


Redress Raleigh

Root Foundation

Step-Up Ministries

St. Saviours

The Sunday Supper and Help Hope Live

United Arts Council

Ready to be wined and dined?

Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals is your team. We look forward to not only serving you and your guests but creating an experience unlike any other. PoshNosh is where great memories are cooked up and served!

Past Events & Culinary Creations

Please enjoy the gallery of events we’ve catered in Raleigh and the surrounding area over the years. It’s our truest pleasure to bring joy to people living their best lives!

What Others Say About Us

Have a look at what our previous clients have to say about us.

Contact Us

Please reach out to us anytime. There is no question too small for your favorite Raleigh, NC caterers. If you are still shopping for a venue, our new space, Whitaker & Atlantic, is a must-see! It delivers elegance with a modern flare. Tours available; booking now. We very much look forward to working with – and feeding – you!

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